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Anyone trying to remake a John Wayne film is really setting themselves up to the possibility of EPIC disaster...


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Re:Coen Brothers to Remake True Grit

Date: 03/23/09 15:07:25

And the scariest part is that it has a built-in sequel.

Re:Coen Brothers to Remake True Grit

Date: 03/23/09 17:43:33

Couldn't agree more. WTH. Like the article said, John Wayne won his only Oscar for that role. Who the hell are they going to get to try and fill those shoes? George Clooney? Steve Buscemi? William H. Macy? Over my dead body. It just smacks of Hollywood running out of ideas. Next thing you know, they'll be remaking 'Gone With The Wind', and we all know how well that 'Scarlett' sequel went over when it was a miniseries on TV. Timothy Dalton was no Clark Gable, and I can think of no one who'd even come close to John Wayne in 'True Grit'. Exceptionally bad idea.

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