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At age 50, Madonna is apparently still a pimp. According to the New York Daily News, which of course is not always to be believed, A-Rod is furious about Madonna's new 22 year old boy toy Jesus Luz--because according to the paper, he believed until recently that Luz was just a publicity stunt.

The paper quotes an insider as saying:

"Alex is well aware that Madonna is out and about with Jesus, and he isn't happy about it. It's embarrassing for him because he and Madonna have been so publicly linked, and now it looks like he's been dumped for a younger stud... Madonna pooh-pooed her relationship with Jesus and called it a publicity trick. But now that Jesus was spotted out with her kids, she can't hide her subterfuge any longer."

"Madonna likes to be in control, and she hasn't been able to completely control Alex yet. Jesus has been much more attentive than Alex recently. If A-Rod will commit to Madonna, then he'll win her affections. But it's not like he's giving her a diamond ring. Neither he nor Madonna is 100% committed to each other yet."

While all that might be interesting to some people (poor A-Rod, mostly,) all we really care about is the source's summary of Madonna: "She's the ultimate cougar!"

Update (because this story is obviously important enough to warrant one): A-Rod has gone back to his wife, and Madonna's not happy.

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