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Three percent of the population of Washington DC (at least) is HIV-positive, according to city health officials. That rate is three times that of a "generalized and severe epidemic," and according to city HIV/AIDS Administration chief Shannon L. Hader, is higher than West Africa and "on par with Uganda and some parts of Kenya."

Other findings:

* Ten percent of the city's forty-something population carries the virus.

* Just three in five infected people know they have it.

* 76 percent of those testing positive were black.

* 70 percent of those testing positive were men.

* Heterosexual sex is the leading cause of transmission, with homosexual sex and drug use following closely behind.

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Re:DC's HIV Rate 'Higher than West Africa'

Date: 03/16/09 13:00:45

Holy crap! This is why I think the CDC should be handing out condoms on the street-corners. Well, this and shit like Palin's brat and the unemployed, drop-out boyfriend.

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