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It's been a tough six weeks for new RNC Chairman Michael Steele. First, he entered into a feud with Rush Limbaugh, who apparently believes he's become the de facto head of the Republican Party. Then, he seemed to tell GQ that he's pro-choice, and--worse yet--that gay people aren't just doing it to screw with decent, god-fearing, Republican families.

These momentary lapses may have endeared Steele to Democrats, independents and moderate Republicans, but they also got the right clamoring for his head and gave political humorists more fodder than the last six months of the Bush Administration. As a result, Steele is taking a breather from media appearances.

"You have to introduce yourself, so he did a lot of press," Republican strategist Alex Castellanos tells the Post. "But right now getting the machine going is more important than selling it. You can't sell a machine that doesn't work."

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Re:Steele Retreats from Media

Date: 03/16/09 12:57:46

Um, if the RNC gets rid of this guy, does that mean the segregationist automatically gets the job? Sometimes I feel sorry for the Republicans, then I remember that they are the ones who fucked the country in the first place by removing regulations on banks.

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