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Another from the "unreal" file: the new Republican "leader" Rush Limbaugh is defending the AIG bonuses--and blaming the Obama Administration for manufacturing the controversy.

"A lynch mob is expanding," Limbaugh explained on yesterday's show, "the peasants with their pitchforks surrounding the corporate headquarters of AIG, demanding heads. Death threats are pouring in. All of this being ginned up by the Obama administration."

Limbaugh also attacked limits on executive pay, claiming that "New York City will die. New York City needs a whole bunch of people being paid a whole lot of money, so they can tax their butts off, so that the city can maintain its stupid streets, potholes, and welfare state."

He went on to liken members of Congress voicing outrage over the bonuses to "communist dictators."

Apparently, it all has something to do with making widgets.

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Re:Limbaugh Defends AIG from 'Lynch Mob' 'Peasants'

Date: 03/18/09 17:25:47

Wait... Rush Limbaugh is complaining about Obama creating a lynch mob? Really? Um, apparently he hit his head and doesn't remember telling his listeners to phone Boehner and tell him to grow a set. Boehner received so many calls 24/7, that he actually called to apologize to Limbaugh for criticizing him. And I REALLY hate that picture of him. It makes me want to hit him with a nine iron.

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