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You've no doubt followed the story: Last week, journalists from all over the world quoted the Pope as telling a crowd in Africa that HIV "cannot be overcome with the distribution of condoms which, on the contrary, increase the problem." In the days since, commentators, analysts, scientists, the UN and governments of France, Belgium and Germany all denounced the remarks as, well, horrifically dangerous lies.

The Vatican, aware that the comments could be charitably described as irrational, now insists that isn't what he said at all.

The Vatican's new version, which is a less in-your-face brand of delusional, now has the pontiff saying that "the scourge cannot be resolved with the distribution of prophylactics; on the contrary, the risk is of increasing the problem."

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Re:Vatican Tries to Re-Write Pope AIDS Comments

Date: 03/20/09 16:17:29

The scary thing is that the Pope is most powerful in third world nations where high population growth is a serious problem. These people need to learn about birth control, not to hear a person they see as next to God tell them that contraceptives help spread deadly diseases. It makes you wonder how they choose this guy.

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