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Just in case you didn't already know he's angling for a cabinet appointment instead, Arnold Schwarzenegger dashed Republican dreams today by announcing he's not running in California. The governor / "Last Action Hero" star was seen as Republicans' only hope of ousting Democrat Barbara Boxer.

Leave it to the Governator, though, to publicly link the move to a broken campaign promise.

"I raised taxes, but I'm not running for anything," Schwarzenegger told Reporters. "So I'm more comfortable with it because I'm not running for anything, because I know it's the right thing. Even though I promised the people of California I'm not going to raise taxes, at the same time I said I'm not going to sign a pledge, because what if there's an emergency?"

"When I say I'm not running for anything, that's exactly what I mean," he clarified when pressed about the Senate race. "Until you change the Constitution."

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