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President Obama held his first Internet town hall meeting today. The number one audience question? "Should the U.S. legalize pot as a way to grow jobs and stimulate the economy?"

The question comes hot on the heels of a shift in US drug war rhetoric yesterday from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who characterized the effort as a failure and said that American drug users share the blame for cartel violence in Mexico.

Obama shrugged the question off, "I don’t know what this says about the online audience,” he told the crowd, “but, no, I don’t think that is a good strategy to grow the economy.”

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Re:Obama Talks Pot, Just Says No

Date: 03/26/09 21:21:17

I don't use it but I think pot should be legalized. I think a tax on it would help the recovery process.

Re:Obama Talks Pot, Just Says No

Date: 03/31/09 03:35:55

The economy is bad enough. We don't need to add to it by putting all the drug dealers out of work, too!

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