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In what may be the first successful matching in e-Harmony history, Lindsay Lohan made us love her today.

Lohan's "profile," produced by Funny or Die, finds her "Recently single... I think." And, "Looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with--or at least the rest of my probation with."

The actress claims to have "over four hundred dollars in the bank," and "single-handedly kept ninety percent of all gossip websites in business."

The entire video can be viewed here.

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Re:Lindsay Lohan's e-Harmony Profile

Date: 04/14/09 15:06:17

I commend her honesty. You probably wouldn't find that kind of candor from any of the other members on eHarmony. And the funny thing is those other people on those sites are probably just as messed making them worse for being liars. You go Lindsay! You go!

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