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And the headlines cry, "Say it ain't so."

Susan Boyle--the Scottish woman who blew away the judges, audience and over 100 million YouTube users to date--is looking dangerously close to made over. Boyle has won the hearts of millions with her unassuming, homely style and incredible vocals. And in just one weeks' time, her astounding first appearance on Britain's Got Talent has poised itself to break the record for YouTube views it took the current holder three years to build.

But is she already going cosmo? The UK press is already reeling at the possibility. And, yes, that's a leather-like PVC jacket and new 'do you see her sporting in the photograph. Other photos reveal a snazzy new pair of pumps, too. Toss in those pearls and a new "patterned dress," and this passes for glamorous in Blackburn.

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