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Terry Nichols, convicted of conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction, eight counts of manslaughter of federal agents and 161 counts of first degree murder for his part in the Oklahoma City bombing, is suing the Bureau of Prisons over conditions. His complaint? His ass is bleeding.

Nichols--who insists he is not a terrorist--is seconded in the complaints by abortion clinic / Atlanta Olympics bomber Eric Rudolph. The pair claim that a lack of soluble fiber in the prison diet has caused unbearable constipation and hemorrhoids. "God created mankind to consume unrefined whole foods," Nichols explains in the complaint. These foods work, "in a synergistic way to keep one's body (i.e. God's holy temple) in good health to ward off various diseases."

Did we mention 19 of the Oklahoma City bombing victims were children?

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Re:OK City Bomber Sues Over Prison Food

Date: 04/24/09 22:14:49

unbelievable. poor baby. maybe he should just be glad toilet paper is free to him and they dont put sand in it.

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