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Larry Wachowski, one half of the Matrix directing duo known as the Wachowski Brothers, likes to dress as a woman, looks to be taking hormones and is long rumored to be on his way to becoming Lana Wachowski through sexual reassignment surgery.

Rumors slowed during the making of Speed Racer, a number of crew members told news and gossip outlets that he was on set looking very much like a man and going by the name of Larry. But National Photo caught Wachowski looking very much like a woman at LAX this week. This, of course, has sent the tabloid press back into a state of utter confusion.

Doesn't anybody remember Jackie Curtis anymore? Curtis could be a disheveled housewife in the morning, James Dean that afternoon and a glitter rock gal for cocktails. If he changed clothes that often (and by all accounts he did not).

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