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Child marriage is becoming a controversial subject in Saudi Arabia, where there is no minimum age for marriage and fathers often sell or trade their daughters off to potential husbands. An outcry for reform has come from Saudi newspapers, which have recently uncovered many cases of young girls and boys being married off by parents, including one 15-year-old girl whose father married her to his death row cellmate.

But resistance has come from conservatives in the government and Muslim community. The nation's "most senior cleric" has backed the marriage of girls as young as ten, and the country's marriage officiant has said that marriage contracts with "a 1-year-old" are acceptable.

Out of all this comes at least one piece of good news: An 8-year-old girl sold into marriage to a 50-year-old man has been granted a divorce. The girl's father had sold her for 50,000 riyals--about $13,000. The two had been married since August, and a court had previously rejected divorce petitions filed by the girl's mother.

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